Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Calling all Kansans!

What an exciting time to be an American! And what a great time to be a Kansan!

Thanks for visiting the Kansans for Thompson Blog. Excitement is building across the Sunflower State and beyond as the 2008 Presidential Election campaign gets under way.

Why? Because we finally have a candidate who not only is right on the issues, but has the ability to communicate the conservative principles of our party with clarity and conviction and can win! To be sure, former Senator Fred Thompson is his own man but no candidate seeking the Presidency today more closely fits the Ronald Reagan mold than Fred Thompson.

That's why we're so excited to see him edging closer to getting into the race. And that excitement is spreading! In poll after poll, Thompson is climbing in spite of the fact that he hasn't even announced his intention to run. Those close to Senator Thompson are now saying it isn't a matter of if, but is now a matter of when.

We join the growing chorus of Americans enthusiastically saying, "Don't wait! Get in now!"

We predict that when he announces, overnight it will become a two, possibly three man race with Senator Thompson capturing nearly all of the Republican Party's traditional conservative base. In the end, we are absoultely confident that he will capture the GOP nomination and will go on to defeat whoever the Democrats put up.

So join us! This train is about to leave the station and you don't want to miss it! Join Kansans for Thompson today and help us spread the word about this great candidate who will make a great President. Tell your friends, neighbors, and relatives to visit this blog and to check back often!

Join us as we say, "We're for Fred! He'll Keep America Red!"

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